11 Reasons Why A Train Journey Is The Most Amusing Way To Travel In India

If you haven’t traveled India in a train, you are certainly missing out on something. Train journeys have a romanticism, a nostalgia attached to it – some real, some imagined but if you look back on a long train journey you will have fond memories most of the time. It is one of the platforms where you have an opportunity to meet / observe countrymen from different walks of life. Its fun, its naughty, sometimes irritating, sometimes educational – in all a train journey is a bit of everything. So the next time, hop on to a train and make your journey a lot more interesting.

Here’s a list of things which make a train journey so much fun

1) Checking the reservation chart pasted on the train coach


2) We (men) are pretty sure our names are there but what we are actually hoping is to find a female of our age group  right next to us

train scene

To be fair this does happen some of the times

3) But this certainly does not happen! Although we would love it if it does

ddlj train

4) But most of the times you will end up traveling with families, which is not at all bad

family on train

Families are very friendly and many of them carry lip smacking delicious snacks which they just want to share with everyone around.

5) But the Indian Railways packaged lunch and dinner meals are just a buzz kill

train food

6) As if the food wasn’t bad enough, we have this for refreshment

tomato soup

Well actually, the tomato soup is kinda nice. But the pantry food trust me has consistently been a benchmark of substandard quality food since times immemorial

7) But then a train journey is a lot more things too. You come across such amusing names of railway stations that you never thought existed. Like this one somewhere near Jaisalmer

odhanya chacha

Or this one somewhere near Moradabad

nagina station

Or this one somewhere near Panvel


Or this on the Andhra Tamil Nadu border.  This one is apparently the longest station name in India


A train journey is also good for your general awareness. You may come to know things like

8) Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is famous for mangoes


Mango jelly is famous in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh (oh wait is it Telenganna now)


And Taj Mahal is not the only thing famous in Agra. Agra ka petha also deserves some attention


We also realize a few other things like

9) Paper soap is one of the most brilliant inventions ever made by man. Its a pity that outside of a train journey we hardly find this stuff


10) There are people in this world who toil harder than you to earn a living


11) And no matter where you are, people singing in trains always sound the same


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