15 Alia Bhatt trolls That Would Make RaGa Look Like An Intellect. Mahesh Bhatt Is Not Really Gonna Be Proud.

Neitizens are going ga ga (to put it diplomatically) over Alia Bhatt and she has become quite an internet celebrity in recent times. She is an inspiration to many. By setting such low standards of intelligence and intellect in a popular chat show, she has ensured that any joke on her would not be dismissed as lame. Because somewhere deep down we believe she is capable of it. Here’s a list of the popular trolls on Alia Bhatt going around in the internet.


The one which started it all

alia president

Well this raises some important questions like whether a country like India actually needs a President? I mean, it’s more or less a ceremonial post and his/ her job is mostly of a rubber stamp. But this is a discussion for some other post. Right now let us just enjoy the trolls 🙂


alia karan


alia 2


alia 3


alia bhat

I am amazed at the fact that I went through the above 4 pictures without even a thought of making fun of Karan Johar even once. Am I the only one ?


Here are some more trolls,


alia 15



alia 8


alia 7


alia 6


alia 4


alia 12

Ouch !!

But there’s more..

alia 16


alia 11


alia 10


Yes, how can any troll be complete if it doesn’t have Arnab Goswami. So here it is,

alia 9


Well for those thinking that she would have never made it in the entertainment industry if she wasn’t born in a filmy family, I think she had other options in life like


or this one



Finally, if your film career does not take off do not fret. This door is always open for you



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