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If There Is One Anti-Smoking Campaign That The Indian Government Should Immediately Execute, This Should Be It

When the Government made it mandatory for Cigarette manufacturers to put up a pictorial warning on the packs, the consumers ...
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10 Cliches Fed By Bollywood In The Late 80’s And 90’s That Left Us Amazed

Bollywood has always been full of cliches. I don't hate it that much but yes I am still amused. Its ...
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mahabharat cricketers

Who Would Reprise What Role If Mahabharata Was A Game of Cricket

Don Bradman as Dronacharya Genius personified. Incredible at his trade. And the master that everyone else looked up to. Sachin ...
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judge in indian idol

This Insanely Crazy India’s Got Talent Video Feels More Like A Failed Murder Attempt. Watch The Full Video And Just Be Amazed

The video begins like any normal talent show video. Then at 50 sec, I am like 'oh this is crazy ...
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These 3 Ads Teach A Lesson To All Indian Sexist Ad Makers On How It Should Be Done With Its ‘Respect For Women’ Campaign

Have you ever noticed a very familiar pattern of projecting women as housewives in Indian ads? We are just so ...
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The Stark Difference Between Gay And Straight People In 2 Min The difference is only there when you are hell bent on looking for it. A bold attempt by the ...
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