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Why Ullu ka Pattha is associated with stupidity in spite of the supposed intelligence of owls

Ullu ka Pattha - is probably the first abusive words we in India learnt before we upgraded to more sinister ...
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Some Gems From Twitter On Last Night’s Incredible IPL Match Between Mumbai Indians And Rajasthan Royals

If you did not watch last night's insane match between Mumbai Indian and Rajasthan Royals, well, I can only pity ...
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Indian media has never had it so bad. This time its The Daily Show’s turn to rip them apart.

This Daily show feature shows us what is really wrong with the Indian media - both TV and print. Daily ...
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electricity mohan

Electricity Mohan – Yes, That’s What This Guy Is Called. And Here’s Why

Raj Mohan Nair from Kollam, Kerala looks like your ordinary guy next door but when he touches live wires to ...
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Shannon and Seema

The Beautiful Story Of The Indian Lesbian Wedding Will Prove You That Creed Or Race Or Gender Does Not Stand Before True Love

What happens when a 25 year old sees another cute little 25 year old, finds her interesting and wants to ...
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Real Men Dont Rape

If The Girl Next To You Is Drunk, Just Do What This Guy Does To Her. Real Men Don’t Rape!

Yeah, the girl is going through a very tough time in life. She's depressed. And she's too drunk in a ...
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