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John Oliver On Indian Media Again

It’s John Oliver Taking On Indian Media Again. This Time Its A Funny Truth That We Never Noticed, Or Chose To Ignore.

You must remember John Oliver’s baffled reaction to all the hoopla surrounding the Indian elections in the last month. Here ...
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If American Porn Crossed Over To India. This Hilarious Take On Porn Cliches Will Tickle Your Funny Bones..

The new Youtube sensation from India, Sanjay Manaktala and his team, are back again with probably their best video till ...
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dhoom 2

This parody trailer of Dhoom – 2 is probably the only good thing to have come out of this movie

If there is one thing that people can look forward to from movies like Dhoom 2 - it is the ...
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IT guy

This is how you explain an IT guy’s life through a song

An IT guys life never sounds exciting unless its done as a song. Sanjay Manaktala, in this hilarious video tries ...
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15 Alia Bhatt trolls That Would Make RaGa Look Like An Intellect. Mahesh Bhatt Is Not Really Gonna Be Proud.

Neitizens are going ga ga (to put it diplomatically) over Alia Bhatt and she has become quite an internet celebrity ...
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Seeds on Google Glass

“Thank you, Mom.” Can Also Be Said This Way. This Movie Shot Entirely on Google Glass Might Just Be The Perfect Beginning To This Mothers’ Day.

Creative ways of Mothers' Day wishes are about to begin but, boy, what a way to start! This short film ...
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