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Pranking My Dad

This Kid Played An Amazing Prank On His Dad Only To Find An Unexpected Response. Its Too Funny That You Might Actually Try This At Home.

This kid came up with an amazing prank to play on his dad but he experienced what one would call ...
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This is how you shame a Hindu and a Muslim who fight over their religion on social networks

A Hindu and a Muslim share a post on facebook abusing each others religion. RJ Naved from Radio Mirchi plays ...
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india tv funny

10 breaking news which will break your hopes from the Indian news industry

In India the boundaries between the NEWS and the ENTERTAINMENT industries have constantly been blurring and Hindi news channels have ...
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Some technological inventions can change the rules of the game – this one from India has the potential to be one of them

FIN as this product is called is going to change the way you are going to interact with technology. Technology ...
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Arunachalam Muruganantham

Watch This Wonderful Indian Entrepreneur Who Changed The Lives Of A Million Women Explain His Inspiring Journey In The Funniest Way Possible.

Aunachalam Muruganandham, a lesser known name in the Indian circles till a couple of years back, is a social entrepreneur ...
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This British comedian’s take on Indian elections might just be the best video made on our elections. Go, spend your next 8 minutes laughing.

BJP, Congress or AAP, no matter which party you support, you are sure to love what you will see in ...
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