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Forest Man of India

This man from Assam has shown the world how one man’s persistence can produce wonders

Jadav Molei Payeng. The name probably doesn't ring a bell anywhere. If you put on your mean glasses one can ...
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poop guy

9 times out of 10 being called a ‘poop guy’ is never a compliment. This is the one time when it is

Very few countries in the world are so strict about taking a crap first thing in the morning. Take a ...
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football club

Impossible is a word these kids in Thailand were never taught and thank god for that

“Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with ...
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nagpur oranges

This is something you definitely have not heard about Nagpur in School

Firstly the thing we all know about Nagpur. Oranges Maybe you have heard of this one too. Nagpur was declared ...
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road accident

This 2 min video will tell you why driving on Indian roads is as dangerous as going to war

Oh wait maybe even more dangerous than going to war. ...
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This simple device is exactly what most of the Indian villagers badly need

One more reason to believe that the wheel is the greatest invention ever. ...
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