Acid attacks disfigured these women but it is the society which is faceless for putting them through this

Victims of acid attacks go through a lot. The lack of sensitivity towards these victims only make it tougher for them. Scarred – a  moving documentary by Sarah Thomas on acid attack victims, makes us realize why patriarchy needs to be mocked and ridiculed, and should be a term children only read in history books. Watch the video to see judges who while proclaiming their judgement say  “It is seen that in the event that Haseena (the victim) had acted as per his directions, the possibility of throwing acid was much less” and a  man who justifies throwing acid on his wife by invoking Indian culture and traditions without the slightest sign of guilt or remorse. This seriously is not a country for women.

This is a 30 minute documentary. If you don’t have the time right now please bookmark it but do ensure that you watch it later. It is definitely worth a watch.

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