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Why Ullu ka Pattha is associated with stupidity in spite of the supposed intelligence of owls

Ullu ka Pattha – is probably the first abusive words we in India learnt before we upgraded to more sinister swear words. In English literature an owl is always associated with intelligence and wisdom. In India ‘Ullu’ or owl is always associated with stupidity. Watch this hilarious video by India mein WORLD FAMOUS which tries to explain the anomaly

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This parody trailer of Dhoom – 2 is probably the only good thing to have come out of this movie

If there is one thing that people can look forward to from movies like Dhoom 2 – it is the funny parodies that these kind of movies inspire. The team at HollyBolly does a brilliant parody review of this epic movie. Laugh you hearts out as they just rip apart pretty much everything about the movie – from the plot to the acting (if we can call it that) in the movie.

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This is how you explain an IT guy’s life through a song

An IT guys life never sounds exciting unless its done as a song. Sanjay Manaktala, in this hilarious video tries explaining it with a song. Indian parents are hoping that this video will inspire their kids to choose the right path in life and become an Engineer as they have always suggested. The question is – Will it really inspire ? 🙂

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15 Alia Bhatt trolls That Would Make RaGa Look Like An Intellect. Mahesh Bhatt Is Not Really Gonna Be Proud.

Neitizens are going ga ga (to put it diplomatically) over Alia Bhatt and she has become quite an internet celebrity in recent times. She is an inspiration to many. By setting such low standards of intelligence and intellect in a popular chat show, she has ensured that any joke on her would not be dismissed as lame. Because somewhere deep down we believe she is capable of it. Here’s a list of the popular trolls on Alia Bhatt going around in the internet.

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10 breaking news which will break your hopes from the Indian news industry

In India the boundaries between the NEWS and the ENTERTAINMENT industries have constantly been blurring and Hindi news channels have been the pioneer in bringing about this change. The following headlines splashed as breaking news in various Hindi news channels will tell you why. Read on and be baffled.

P.S. India TV deserves a special mention for their contributions

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16 types of friendzoned guys if they were brands

We dedicate it to the women who although were totally out of league for us but still for whom we have gladly wasted our days, months and even years – thinking one day we...

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11 things the nation really wants to know

There are a lot of questions which has perplexed quite a few of us but answers have never been available. Tonight we seek answers because the hmmm.. what was it ? Yes. THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW