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Forest Man of India 0

This man from Assam has shown the world how one man’s persistence can produce wonders

Jadav Molei Payeng. The name probably doesn’t ring a bell anywhere. If you put on your mean glasses one can describe this man as some average tribal guy with unassuming looks residing in some God forsaken place somewhere in a village in Assam. But if you come to know what this man has achieved over 30 years of sheer persistence, you will only have one thing for him – RESPECT and hope more people are inspired by him.

poop guy 0

9 times out of 10 being called a ‘poop guy’ is never a compliment. This is the one time when it is

Very few countries in the world are so strict about taking a crap first thing in the morning. Take a dump before you go to school, go to office, catch a bus / train, go out on a date. Ok doing that before going out on a date is advisable but otherwise in a lot of countries people don’t have to force shit out of their system at a particular time in the morning. Sadly the state of toilets in our country is so bad that we are forced to follow this routine. Specially more for women. This guy decides to do something about this thing.