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If You Have Played Street Cricket You Will Definitely Relate To Everything In This Video

India is a country that runs on Jugaad. Street Cricket is definitely one of the best Jugaad’s that came out of this country. This hilarious 2.5 minutes video by India Mein WorldFamous brings back the nostalgia and charm of Street Cricket. You will relate to it and you will definitely have more rules to add to it. It may not be cricket in the puritan sense but who cares when its twice the fun

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11 Reasons Why A Train Journey Is The Most Amusing Way To Travel In India

If you haven’t traveled India in a train, you are certainly missing out on something. Train journeys have a romanticism, a nostalgia attached to it – some real, some imagined but if you look back on a long train journey you will have fond memories most of the time. It is one of the platforms where you have an opportunity to meet / observe countrymen from different walks of life. Its fun, its naughty, sometimes irritating, sometimes educational – in all a train journey is a bit of everything. So the next time, hop on to a train and make your journey a lot more interesting.

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Indian media has never had it so bad. This time its The Daily Show’s turn to rip them apart.

This Daily show feature shows us what is really wrong with the Indian media – both TV and print. Daily show sends ‘India Jones’ to cover the Indian elections. From sensationalism to paid news, he brings out to the fore the glaring shortcomings of the Indian media. The funniest part is where he gets a paid article published in a newspaper about his coverage on the Indian elections. An extremely funny video but somewhere it bothers you too.

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Electricity Mohan – Yes, That’s What This Guy Is Called. And Here’s Why

Raj Mohan Nair from Kollam, Kerala looks like your ordinary guy next door but when he touches live wires to conduct electricity through his body, you know he is no ordinary man – He is a superhuman. Featured on History TV Superhuman series, watch this unbelievable video where he acts as a human conductor to light a bulb, run a mixer grinder and finally make an omlete in a hot plate.