Some Gems From Twitter On Last Night's Incredible IPL Match Between Mumbai Indians And Rajasthan Royals

If you did not watch last night’s insane match between Mumbai Indian and Rajasthan Royals, well, I can only pity you. I’m not a great fan of the IPL but last night was incredible. There were a few thousands who would agree with me and I just picked a few of their funny comments from Twitter here.

That was one helluva game!


The obvious cries of “This match is so fixed”


But then


Whateva.. But we totally agree with this one. If you fix it, then you better fix it this way!


There were a few on Tare’s unintended but meek impersonation of Ganguly


There’s one fellow who was definitely happier than all Mumbai Indians players and fans


Rahul, is that you?

So the moral of the story is that Dravid just can’t stop finishing second best to Sachin. Sad but true.


Something off the match but I found this very funny and correct 🙂


Fixed or genuine, we dont care. Just keep these coming!


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