These 3 Ads Teach A Lesson To All Indian Sexist Ad Makers On How It Should Be Done With Its 'Respect For Women' Campaign

Have you ever noticed a very familiar pattern of projecting women as housewives in Indian ads? We are just so used to it that we never found that sexist enough to even point it out. So much so that one small change in the way it is done makes you go wow. Nevertheless, this change is very well welcomed.

Havells came up with a  series of brilliant ads as part of its “Respect for women” campaign. This campaign will definitely be the reason for the transition from all the stereotypical ads from the past to the good ones that I’m sure will follow in the future.

“Not A Kitchen Appliance”

“Not An Istriwala”

“Not A Juice Maker”


All these ads culminating in a brilliant full length video “The Humma Humma Way”



There should definitely be more meaningful and purposeful ads like these in the future.

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