This is something you definitely have not heard about Nagpur in School

Firstly the thing we all know about Nagpur. Oranges

nagpur oranges

Maybe you have heard of this one too. Nagpur was declared as the “Gateway to Tiger Country” as it is the nearest major city that connects many tiger reserves in India to the world.

bengal tiger

But did you know..

Nagpur to Mumbai is at a distance of approx 850 Kms


Nagpur to Delhi is at a distance of approx 1070 Kms


Nagpur to Kolkata is at a distance of approx 1120 Kms


And Nagpur to Chennai is at a distance of approx 1130 Kms


Well Mumbai is some 850 odd Kms, Delhi 1070 odd Kms, Kolkata 1120 odd Kms and Chennai 1130 odd Kms. Why should this data be of any interest ?

Well Nagpur can be considered as the geographical center point of India and it is approximately equidistant from the four major metropolitan cities in India

Ahh we would like to claim this discovery as our own but in this internet age people will just find out. Sigh.. So apparently the British considered Nagpur as the center of India and identified a point in the city and constructed the Zero Milestone. This point was used to measure all the distances.


The Zero Milestone consists of four horses and a pillar made up of sandstone

 But well thats not all. You might know that Jammu & Kashmir has two capitals – Jammu & Srinagar. It may be surprising to know that even Maharashtra has a second capital. Mumbai is the main capital and the auxiliary capital is – Yes you guessed it right NAGPUR

Nagpur Vidhan Bhavan

The winter session of the Maharashtra assembly is held in Nagpur every year.


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