Who Would Reprise What Role If Mahabharata Was A Game of Cricket

Don Bradman as Dronacharya

Genius personified. Incredible at his trade. And the master that everyone else looked up to.
Don Bradman as Drona

Sachin Tendulkar as Arjun

Drona’s favorite student. Master of his art and a perfectionist. Widely accepted as the best ever (except for a very few jealous souls)
Sachin Tendulkar as Arjuna

Brian Lara as Karna

Another master and a perfectionist. Equally talented as his rival Arjuna and oft compared with him but never reached the glory, heights and successes of Arjuna.

Brian Lara as Karna

Ricky Ponting as Ashwathama

Drona’s successor. Aggressive and arrogant. Special talent but hated by many.
Ricky Ponting as Ashwathama

AB De Villiers as Abhimanyu

Colossal talent combined with natural flair. Modern day successor of Arjuna. Multi skilled and has the potential to become the greatest warrior ever. Has the tendency to choke (Read as: Chakravyuh aka Semifinals) 🙂

Rahul Dravid as Yudhisthir

The calmest soul of the lot. Strictly abides by the rules. He is as much a great warrior on the field as he is a well-natured person off it. Highly respected by his peers and enemies



Chris Gayle as as Bheem

Step 1: Get in, thrash and wallop. Step 2: Thrash and wallop again.

Heavily built and a person of mass destruction, the chaos that he creates can be matched only by a very few other warriors out there.

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma as Nakul and Sahadev

Youngest of the lot. Budding talents and next in line to take over the mantle from the big ones.


Suresh Raina as Eklavya

Highly talented but stayed as an unsung hero. If he was given the right chance, he could’ve been among the best (By chance, we mean top-order chances 🙂 )

Hieron Pollard as Gadothgaj

Massive warrior capable of destroying large numbers of small units but falls flat against quality opposition.


Shahid Afridi as Duryodhan

One of the most powerful ones out there. Creates absolute chaos when on song. Multi-skilled. But doesn’t use his brain just when it is needed.


Lalit Modi as Shakuni

The mastermind behind the war. A minister of chaos. Thousand tricks up his sleeve but failed miserably and was expelled.

MS Dhoni as Lord Krishna

The cool-headed leader. The brain behind successes in all battles. You just know that you will win it if he is on your side.


Sourav Ganguly as Balram

Elder bro of Krishna, one from whom he learnt his trade
Ganguly Balram
And the best of the lot:

N Srinivasan aka Srini Mama aka Chepauk Cheenu as Pitamaha Bheeshma

The Godfather. Enough said.
This article has been created based on a post by Srini Mama (the best Indian cricket troll page on FB right now, IMHO) and this nice little post on Quora.
PS: There could have been other options for Bheeshma but it’s Srini Mama. You know that nothing stands before him, right?

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